Integrated Media Solutions

Integrated Media Solutions

Integrated media solutions for an immersive work experience

Conference calls are not a perfect substitute for in-person interactions. Nuance and nonverbal cues can be lost, and misunderstandings can happen. Video conferencing, especially when it’s integrated with other collaboration tools, like digital work spaces and online chat, can help your people work together more effectively, even when they’re working remotely, and build relationships across geographies.



About Compunet

CompuNet was founded in 1998 in Grangeville, Idaho, initially focusing on servicing local clientele between the Spokane and Boise corridor for networking needs.  In 2005 the company expanded, opening our first remote physical office in Meridian, Idaho.  CompuNet has since had it’s primary headquarters in Meridian.  We are now located in six states which includes Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oregon, and Arizona.