CompuNet’s Senior VP Quoted on CRN

May 31, 2013

Cloud And Managed Service Transitions: Key Channel Concerns

by Ken Presti

……Other partners prefer a partnering approach to business transformation that runs counter to developing management platforms and channel alliances. Gregg Pruett, general manager of CompuNet, Inc., a Meridian, Idaho-based channel company, is currently in the midst of transitioning from traditional resale to a cloud-based model.

“We are not going to build a cloud ourselves, but we’re going to work with cloud builders and resell their offerings,” he said. “We spent six months analyzing strategies for building our own cloud offering, but as we scrutinize the economics, we realized we could not come up with numbers that work. We could not get enough customers in our area to make the investment worthwhile. Yes, there is the management layer, but you also have to have extensive security, orchestration, some level of self-service and, of course, billing infrastructure that needs to be virtually bulletproof in terms of usage and accuracy.”

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