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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provides on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that is rapidly provisioned and released with minimal client interaction. The Cloud model promotes availability while remaining secure. Build your private cloud with confidence, build your private cloud with CompuNet.

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Server Virtualization

Can you think of another technology that has impacted Information Technology like virtualization? It has become the catalyst for the material change in driving down the cost and dramatically raising productivity of technology! Do you need faster time to innovation? Rapid provisioning? Better uptime guarantees? Is it time to look at your Tier 1 applications as candidates for the benefits of virtualizing them? While server virtualization is where you can see the economic impact, the CompuNet approach to virtualization takes much more in to consideration than just servers. We will need to understand your Storage, Networking, Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery environment and objectives to help you along the IT transformation path that many of our customers are on.

Consolidated Storage

Storage Consolidation enables you to optimize your data center, maximize storage assets, improve efficiencies, increase service levels, and reduce costs with industry-leading technologies and expert services.

Desktop Virtualization

Increase efficiency, reliability and availability when you deliver desktops as a managed service from the datacenter. Virtual desktops and virtualized  applications create a more flexible business IT infrastructure so you can quickly respond to changing business and end-user needs. Deploy applications and desktops faster and with fewer help desk calls while improving business continuity, reducing costs and increasing levels of service.


Build a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective data protection architecture to eliminate tape, improve disaster recovery readiness, and simplify management. EMC backup and recovery solutions eliminate the costs and risks associated with tape backups. driving increased efficiency throughout your organization.

Data Center Management

Business thrives when IT runs smarter, faster and stronger. Today’s data centers are dynamic, so new methods and tools for optimizing operations are crucial.  The right management tool allows you to rapidly and precisely respond to changes in your business. This dramatically improves operational efficiency, mitigates risk, improves return on IT investments while lowering OPEX, ensures security and compliance, and frees resources for innovation and growth. Get a deep understanding of how your IT assets are performing and then be armed with the tools to do something about what you find out.