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Advanced Routing and Switching Specialization from Cisco®.  This specialization recognizes [CompuNet Inc.] as having fulfilled the training requirements and program prerequisites to sell, deploy and support Cisco routing and switching solutions.

As a Cisco Advanced Routing and Switching Specialized Partner, CompuNet Inc’s investment in the training required to provide switching, routing, and Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) solutions ranks them among the industry’s most-qualified,” said John Growdon, director of marketing for worldwide channels at Cisco.

The Cisco Advanced Routing and Switching Specialization reflects the ability of partners to design and deploy advanced Internet Protocol (IP) networks built on the Cisco Catalyst switching portfolio; Cisco 1800, 2800, 3800 Integrated Services Router (ISR) platforms; and Cisco 7200/VXR and 7600 routers. Partners with this specialization are also experts in Cisco WAAS solutions, which provide optimization and application acceleration for wide-area networks, particularly for TCP-based applications.

The Cisco Resale Channel Program provides partners with the training required to build sales, technical and Cisco Lifecycle Services skills, and then validates their skills through a third-party audit.  Cisco resale partner certifications—Select, Premier, Silver and Gold—represent an increasing breadth of skills across key technologies and a partner’s ability to deliver integrated networking solutions.  Cisco resale partner specializations—SMB, Express, Advanced and Master—reflect an increasing depth of sales, technical and service expertise in particular technologies.  Achieving Cisco Advanced Routing and Switching Specialization also provides {COMPUNET INC.} access to comprehensive sales, technical, and lifecycle services training and support available from Cisco.