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Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants (San Francisco, CA) Success Story

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants (San Francisco, CA) chose VCE vBlock™ with VMware vRealize Operations Manager and VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager.  With this solution they are able to realize a number of benefits as well as a give 10% of the cost back to the business.  They are also able to do more with less, and respond faster to their business needs.

“CompuNet was extremely integral in our solution. They held our hand through the entire process of migrating our entire environment from physical to virtual.  We could not have done that without them.”  John Meng, Senior Director of Infrastructure and Enterprise Systems, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants.

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EagleView Technologies Success Story

CompuNet worked with EagleView Technologies to improve their IT needs as the company started to grow. See how we did it. Click here to view video

Leading Idaho school district calls on CompuNet and Cisco for advanced communication solution.

Customer Profile

With district offices in Meridian, Idaho, and 50 K-12 schools throughout the greater Boise area, Meridian Joint School District No. 2 is the state’s largest and fastest growing school district, with approximately 3,000 employees and 33,000 students.


Meridian Joint School District No. 2 (MJSD) is committed to providing a progressive environment for administrators, teachers, and students alike. Unfortunately, the district’s decentralized and antiquated phone systems weren’t making the grade. “All of our schools and sites had individual heterogeneous analog or digital phone systems with no inter-district calling,” explains Keven Denton, Information Systems Supervisor, MJSD. “This meant every site had its own outside lines and issues, which amounted to over capacity issues and

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under capacity issues at each site. Maintenance costs were also a factor. Due to the amount of diversity in the phone systems, schools were contracting out adds, moves and changes, as well as repairs and upgrades. It was time to standardize our voice solution for all district schools and offices to improve communication and collaboration, and to lower costs as we grow.”

Denton and MJSD turned to fellow Meridian-based CompuNet, Inc., to implement a Cisco IP-based voice solution throughout the district. The Cisco Premier Partner with four additional offices in Idaho, Utah, and Montana, was founded in 1998 and holds Cisco certifications in several advanced technologies. Additionally, several of the company’s approximately 35 employees have children who attend schools in the district.


In late 2005, Meridian began expanding upon and fully deploying the Cisco IP telephony solution, which MJSD had previously deployed to a few schools. Each summer when schools are out of session, Meridian has since worked to bring Cisco Unified Communications to each location and integrate each school’s system with the district network infrastructure. Combining all forms of business communications into a single, unified system, Cisco Unified Communications provides powerful new ways to connect and collaborate. To that, CompuNet added a Cisco Unity Connection voice messaging solution in the summer of 2008. and CompuNet brought the power of these solutions directly into schools, classrooms, and district offices with Cisco Unified 7900 Series IP Phones. These advanced phones allow MJSD employees to take full advantage of the district’s newly converged voice and data network, and greatly simplify administration for IT personnel.


With all but six schools currently migrated to the new voice solution, MJSD is already realizing the many benefits of its CompuNet-implemented Cisco solution.

“By consolidating voice services across the district, and using our data network to handle the bulk of our calls, we’ve cut communication costs by reducing analog lines and toll charges,” says Denton. “We’re now able to handle moves, adds, and changes on a district level, and when you consider many of our staff relocates every year, that’s a significant reduction in man-hours and outside maintenance fees.

“The new Cisco solution has also improved communication and collaboration within and between schools. Teachers and administrators quickly find coworkers throughout the district using the corporate directory on their Cisco phones, and connect with simple four-digit intra-school and eight-digit inter-school dialing. It is easy to retrieve messages from anywhere, transfer calls, and execute conference calls without worrying about cost or tying up lines.

“CompuNet and Cisco have been invaluable from planning through execution, and have delivered the solution we envisioned. We’re currently working with them to build on our infrastructure with solutions like district-wide wireless access, network security, and video surveillance. The partnership with CompuNet has worked well. We appreciate their genuine concern for working with the district, and they have provided us consistency in that we have worked with the same team for over 3 years.”