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Modern Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Moving the workload to the Cloud helps improve and modernize how you store and access information.


What Workload Belongs Where?  

We know your key value-add workloads may stay on-premise, yet you may really need the cloud when you need to innovate and do it quickly for things like – Modern Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, Kubernetes & Containers, Internet of Things (IOT). 

VMware Cloud on Any 

VMware has a stated strategy to provide: “Any Application on Any Device on Any Cloud.”   As a top-level VMware partner with Master Service Competency in VMware Cloud and with many highly certified and skilled technical resources, we can help deliver the outcomes you expect in your cloud journey. 

Microsoft Azure  

Microsoft Azure has worked hard to catch up and now in many ways, outpace AWS, as the Public Cloud leader.  If you need to innovate in Modern Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, Kubernetes & Containers,  Internet of Things (IOT) and more, Please consider CompuNet as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, with highly experienced and skilled Azure architects that can help you design and deliver on the innovation you seek from Microsoft Azure. 

Cloud File & NAS 

Many customers are realizing the benefits of centralizing their file systems to the cloud.  this brings scale, security and file data management to new levels.  Reach out to us to find out more and learn about our partners such as:

- Nasuni 

- Panzura 

Cloud Backup  

Did you realize you can manage your on-premise, SaaS and Cloud infrastructure backups all on one platform with consistent retention and security policies that you don’t have to purchase or manage?  Please contact us to learn more about our new partners that modernize your backup approach. 

- Clumio 

- Druva 

- Datrium 

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