March 2021 Microsoft Exchange Zero Day  Attack (Hafnium)
   By: Adam Eldred

What Happened?
On March 2nd Microsoft announced 4 previously unknown zero-day vulnerabilities in all current versions of Exchange server along with patches to fix these vulnerabilities (MS Blog). They also announced a group dubbed “Hafnium” had been detected exploiting these vulnerabilities to access credentials used on the affected Exchange server and install secondary entry points for access in the event the vulnerability was patched. FireEye’s Mandiant security services identified anomalous behavior relating to these exploits as far back as early January (Mandiant Blog). Once the patches for these vulnerabilities were released, several security organizations noticed an uptick in Hafnium’s activity (likely to compromise more systems before organizations could apply the patches). Many estimates now sit at over 100,000 affected organizations worldwide and climbing.

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  Cares ACT 2.0 and CompuNet can help you
   By: CompuNet Admin

Have questions about the next wave of Covid Relief Fund "Cares 2.0"? CompuNet has experts on hand to help you navigate and understand the new regulations. 


  Modernizing Data Security: Protecting Data and All Paths to it
   By: Darrin Good, Jeremy Pierson

Data. One simple word that is changing the way companies are doing business today. Whether your business is utilizing data for advanced analytics around customer purchases or greatly enhancing the applications you support, data is both critical and needs to be secured.

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  Getting the most out of your SD-WAN Transformation
   By: Darrin Good

Many customers engage with the CompuNet engineering team with a plan to leverage an SD-WAN solution in their organization, due to the solution’s ability to increase network flexibility, optimize performance, and scale with changes in business requirements.

The biggest challenge facing those customers is deciding which SD-WAN solution is best for them based on several factors; how they’re going to deploy and integrate it into their network, organizational adoption, and end-user training.

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  Distribution Groups and Exchange Migration to M365
   By: Jerryn Bunnell

CompuNet has migrated thousands of mailboxes to Microsoft 365 across the western United States within many industries. Out of this wide-spread experience a common question from our clients continues to surface itself.

"How do I migrate our distribution Groups to Microsoft 365?”

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  Safeguarding Private Data in the Public Sector and Education
   By: Darrin Good, Jamie Kelley

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, along with state and local governments, had been high-profile targets that were susceptible to ransomware campaigns and data breaches, targeting the theft and disruption of important student and constituent information.

This threat has only been exacerbated by the number of computer users—elementary and higher ed students and government employees—making their homes their new workspaces. With the strain of digital classrooms and digital workspaces compromising many organizations’ legacy infrastructures, it’s not surprising that the number of successful attacks continues to rise, causing great frustration to the IT security professionals tasked with stopping them.

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  Bringing Your Business Together - Anywhere
   By: Jamie Kelley

Whether it’s teams joining forces to share ideas or reaching out to connect with customers and partners, wherever they may be, you need a solid solution that lets you work how you want to, when you want to, and where you want to. That includes your IT team.

While many employees and business leaders quickly discovered the benefits of working from home, IT admins felt added pressures to maintain secure networks while keeping users happy and productive. Securely managing thousands of connections, vetting solutions to fit their organization’s needs, learning nuances of new platforms, and wading through complicated payment plans, have left many IT teams overwhelmed.

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  Working with CompuNet: An Application-Focused Engineering Team
   By: Adam Robertson

The move to a remote workforce has opened the door to unforeseen challenges—from managing productivity and creating an environment of innovation to safeguarding corporate data and ensuring availability.

CompuNet partners with the market leader, F5, to enable you to streamline this culture shift by delivering performance and security together. And it is important to know how F5 is enabling businesses to overcome these new challenges and empower the new workforce.

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  Solarwinds Vulnerability
   By: Richard Little 


Only the versions: 2019.4 HF 5 and 2020.2 with no hotfix or 2020.2 HF 1 were infected. 

There was a file, SolarWinds.Orion.Core.BusinessLayer.dll, that was compromised.

If you are running a version older then 2019.4 HF 5 the dll file was not compromised.  If you are at version 2020.2.1 or later the dll file was replaced and is not compromised.

If you do have a compromised version, then upgrading to the latest version 2020.2.1 HF1 will replace the dll file and fix your issue. 

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  New Features of Cisco ISE 3.0
   By: Michael Wood

Last month Cisco announced the release of Identity Services Engine (ISE) 3.0.  This major release has several new features and even has a new look.  This post will cover some of those features and give you a first peek at ISE 3.0

The Licenses -

As you prepare to upgrade/install ISE 3.0, you will need to know that Cisco made yet another licensing change.  Base, Plus, and Apex licenses will be replaced by Essentials, Advantage and Premier licenses.  The new tier-based model is subscription-only and will require Smart Licensing.  The good news is that the higher-tier license will include all lower-tier features.  For example, Premier licenses will include all the features of Essentials and Advantage licenses.

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  New Features in Webex for September and October 2020
   By: Nick Ulmen

We all know that COVID has reshaped the way we live and work. The ability for teams to work and collaborate without being in the same room together has never been more important. A good meetings platform is the foundation of ability to collaborate.

Cisco Webex has been a leader in the meetings collaboration space for many years. Cisco remains committed to delivering an excellent meeting experience. With monthly updates, Cisco continues to augment the Webex Meetings platform with new enhancements to meet the challenges of the new world we live and work in.

The September release of Webex (40.9) included several exciting new features:

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