data security 01Secure your data, your systems, and your reputation.

We are now storing more information about more people and more subjects than ever before. Businesses are using this information to build insightful new connections, offer personalized new products and services, and conduct a wide variety of complex and interrelated transactions. The opportunities are limitless, but so are the risks.

Because it’s stored in so many locations and handled by so many systems, information is now more vulnerable than ever before. And, as information systems grow both more powerful and more interdependent, security breaches can have a tremendous impact on individuals and organizations. For businesses of all sizes, having a solid security strategy is more important than ever.

And that’s where we come in. CompuNet designs security solutions that are custom-tailored for today’s workforce. We offer comprehensive secure network design, architecture and implementation.  

It’s time to think strategically about securing your data, your business, and your future.

data security 02We cover all your bases

Holistic means relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts. We can help you build a comprehensive security strategy, or provide solutions that fit perfectly into your environment.

Best practices

Security best practices are always evolving to keep up with emerging threats. We can help you assess your existing security strategy and implement the latest best practices. We can work with your team to design and implement new controls, tune existing controls and periodically reassess your security posture. Effective security is an ongoing process, our goal is to help you monitor your performance and continually improve it along the way.

data security 03Compliance

Staying in compliance with industry and federal regulations (PCI, Sarbanes Oxley, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA) is increasingly difficult as threats to sensitive data become more widespread and sophisticated. We can help you secure your infrastructure and endpoints while satisfying requirements for data collection, analysis, reporting, archival & retrieval.


Today, security is more than just protecting data and apps; it’s protecting your customers, your partners, and your business. We can help you understand your risks and develop an intelligent strategy to secure all aspects of your operations.

Our security ecosystem partners
Our partners provide a rich ecosystem of security solutions to address a broad spectrum of today’s challenges.  We have selected our security partners based on our engineering expertise and industry experts.  Our partners represent the best products available to organizations based on recommendations from trusted resources, such as, Gartner, SANS, NIST, ISC2, ISSA, and ISO to name a few. These partners include:

Palo Alto Networks . Cisco . F5 . Splunk . Cisco Meraki . Duo . ExtraHop . Gemalto . Gigamon . InfoBlox . Imperva . KnowBe4 . Nyansa . Proofpoint . Tenable . Varonis


How you can benefit from


Yes, information security can protect your enterprise.  It can also add value to your business. How? It can help you:


- Establish a reputation as a trusted
   provider who goes the extra mile
   to protect customer data

- Keep your online storefront and
   customer service operations up
   and running with no disruptions

- Increase employee productivity
   by eliminating downtime and
   data loss caused by malware

- Maintain your brand and reduce
   financial losses resulting from
   data loss, identity theft and
   other fraud

- Reduce operating expenses
   through increased efficiency


About Compunet

CompuNet was founded in Grangeville, Idaho and now operates in the Western United States and headquartered in Boise, Idaho. We strive to understand our clients’ business needs, engineer IT solutions that precisely fit those needs, and deploy those solutions on time and on budget.  We architect technology solutions that help companies solve their business problems.

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