YVFWC ExecRoom 10 web rezReinvent how your business works
There’s nothing like flying to a meeting or a conference to visit colleagues and make new connections. But, with limited travel budgets and busy schedules, we usually have to settle for conference calls, screen sharing, and online chat. It’s not great, but it works reasonably well, and it’s a lot more convenient than getting on a plane every day or two.

Video conferencing, when it’s integrated with dynamic collaboration tools, can provide a collaborative experience that’s infinitely closer to the real thing. Teams can communicate face-to-face even if their members are mobile or based in offices thousands of miles away from each other, and share the same digital workspace. The right combination of solutions can make it easier to share ideas, innovate, and plan for success.

We believe integrated media solutions will provide the foundation for tomorrow’s work experience. CompuNet’s engineers can help you choose, configure, and deploy solutions that will get you there.

Are you ready for a new, adaptive way of work?
Conference calls are good. Collaboration is better.

We’re committed to helping our customers create a new and more productive way of work. We can partner with your team to design a workplace experience that’s just right for your unique business needs.

Collaborative endpoints and applications
Endpoints and applications are proliferating at an unprecedented rate within businesses. While all of these solutions help people get more done, they are even more powerful when they’re connected to your company’s main communications platforms. Our engineers can help you integrate endpoints and applications into your collaborative workplace.

YVFWC ExecRoom 2 web rezExperience design
Every business is different. By creating an integrated workplace experience that’s consistent with your company’s culture and work style, you can allow managers and specialists to collaborate more effectively, increase employee engagement, and get your teams on the same page. We can help you design and deploy a work experience that’s just right for your business goals, your people, and your budget.

Mobility solutions
Mobility is a fact of life. People are doing more work on their smart phones and other mobile devices. Allowing your people to fully participate in video conferences and other collaborative activities while they’re mobile can dramatically improve productivity. We can help you integrate mobility into your work experience, and transform mobile endpoints into collaborative endpoints.

Next generation meeting rooms
The conference room of the future is a lot more than just a room. It’s a multimedia collaboration venue, wired for HD presentation, streaming media, video capture, video conferencing, and more. We have extensive experience configuring and deploying the latest meeting room technologies, including Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms and Crestron Integrated Conference Rooms.

Video conferencing
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions. A majority of executives believe that video conferencing will replace conference calls over the coming years, and we agree with them. Our engineers can help you fully integrate video into your collaborative workplace environment.

Our integrated media solutions ecosystem partners

Our partners offer advanced solutions that provide the foundation for a connected and productive work experience.

Cisco . Crestron . Sharp . LG . Shure . BSSLondon. Chief. Biamp. Chief. Polycom. QSC

How you can benefit from


Integrated media solutions can help your whole organizations work more effectively. We can help you design and deploy solutions that help you:

- Bring distributed teams together
   for collaboration, training, and

- Communicate more effectively with
   partners, customers, and prospects

- Foster relationships with teams
   and organizations

- Improve the quality of video
   conferencing sound and visuals

- Integrate on-premises systems
   with cloud-based solutions

- Seamlessly share ideas and


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